Leave the nitty-gritty to us.  We plan, design, develop, implement, and manage systems to meet your business processing, application, and infrastructure needs.

  • Data Center
  • Command Centers
  • CCTv
  • Access Control
  • Security Systems
  • Noise Cancellation

At CXbuildr, we are committed to efficient, and secure data center design. From small edge computing centers to enterprise facilities, we can help companies of all sizes develop modular, scalable solutions that help them prepare for an unknown future. Our access experts’ insight from data center design professionals focused on the architectural layout of the entire data center including power, cooling, ventilation, redundancy and security.

We provide our clients with innovative turnkey solutions that enable collaboration, increase productivity, and withstand the demands of a real-time operations center environment. Successful Comand centers are a result of excellent planning and design. We bring all aspects of your operational space into consideration including console layouts, video wall placement and sightlines, acoustics, workflow, and more. Our experts help you analyze your needs and create the ideal solutions for your command and control center.

Your security is our number one goal, surveillance is an important tool to successfully monitor your operations. Our engineers have the knowledge and necessary field experience to design and implement the system that will meet your needs and budget while giving you the flexibility to expand as your business grows.

All businesses have assets that require protection. The safety of staff, visitors, and company operational processes are also of paramount importance to safeguard from both internal and external threats. CXbuildr offers electronic access control systems and electronic types of key card locks that provide the most efficient and convenient technology to secure your building and protect your company assets.
A security system can give you a complete picture of your business, increase employee and customer safety and improve the security of your equipment and inventory .Our security solutions offer peace of mind. With customized designs, robust reporting, and analytics, you can efficiently manage your business even when you can’t be there.
We can help you design and change for the different environments throughout your office space for better communication. We will provide a custom plan for your space to solve all your acoustic challenges.