Our goal is to help you upscale your business seamlessly by providing you with end-to-end solutions.

CXbuildr is a leading facilities and technology implementations expert in the Business Process Outsourcing, and Contact Center establishments as well as other thriving industries.

We will build your business from the ground up – starting from site selection and general construction to full-service fit-out turnover, technology architecture, and facilities management.

LATAM, APAC, or the Caribbean? As you approach new markets, one of the keys to continued growth is to know the business climate of your target market, each market has different cultures, and business practices, thus the need to approach each market differently.

CXbuildr’s global footprint allows us to fully understand how the local cultures work, and having the right linkages helps us make better decisions about resources and capital allocations, this translates into savings for your business.

Without the right partner, you could waste time and money chasing markets that may not work out.

CXbuildr’s team of professional project managers, architects, civil engineers, and designers have a collective experience of over 40 years. We have successfully delivered many projects to satisfied partners – partners that remain loyal to us, just as we remain loyal to them. Building Trust is just another one of our traits as a company.

We make starting your offshore business a breeze by allowing you to focus on the bigger picture, while we take care of the nitty-gritty.

We will cater BPOs and other thriving industries

CXbuildr’s roots are within the BPO and contact center industries, but this niche does not prevent us from catering to other types of construction needs.

To date, we have successfully completed and turned over projects for multiple verticals in the USA, Philippines, Guatemala, Colombia, and Jamaica.

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